About Us

Who We Are and What We Are About

We Are Small But Act Like The Big Guys Should.

Who We Are

Yes we are small but we work extremely hard to provide superior products and excellent service. Just look at our reviews anywhere you find our products or read our testimonials. Many times you'll even see the owner John mentioned by name since he handles all customer phone calls and support inquiries himself. This is to ensure that customer issues are resolved to their satisfaction and to identify any areas that might be improved for future customers. John believes that if customers are trusting us to fulfill their needs it is his personal responsibility to make sure we exceed those expectations.

What We Do

We provide the highest quality products with exceptional service. Our customers appreciate the high level of craftsmanship and the attention to detail we give to every product. Just read our reviews wherever our products are offered.

We Are In Service To Our Customers

Superior quality is what we do and our customers appreciate our efforts. They appreciate dealing with a small company who works to do things right and that always stands behind those efforts. We hope your experience is the same and if not, you speak directly with the owner to learn how we can improve and make it right.

What Makes Us Better

  • Everything comes direct from us.
  • We include the owners personal cellphone in every order.
  • We have hundreds of reviews about our quality and many even mention the owner by name.
  • We don't private label for other companies.
  • We don't distribute to other companies.
  • We don't allow resellers.
  • We don't allow dropshippers.
  • Every bottle is hand filled, labeled, capped and packed.
  • Every bottle is shipped direct from us.
  • We only ship in glass bottles with the proper phenolic caps.
  • We use a security safety shrinkband on every bottle.
  • We embed unique identifiers in our labels to ensure they are genuine and cannot be faked.
  • We double box and bag each order to ensure it makes it to you safely.
  • We ship almost all orders the same day -usually within hours.

We Fully Stand Behind Our Products And Quality.

You'll find some competitors using plastic bottles, some with poor labeling easily replicated which could lead to fake products being sold by hundreds of unknown sellers, some with non-existent support and no one to contact, some with inferior products imported from countries with poor quality standards.

We Can Do Better than that.

Superior Products Backed By Superior Service.