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Turpentine Products


We do everything we can to ensure you are getting the quality you are paying for.

Everything comes direct from us.
We include the owners personal cellphone in every order.
We have hundreds of reviews about our quality and many even mention the owner by name.
We don't private label for other companies.
We don't distribute to other companies.
We don't allow resellers.
We don't allow dropshippers.
Every bottle is hand filled, labeled, capped and packed.
Every bottle is shipped direct from us.
We only ship in glass bottles with the proper phenolic caps.
We use a security safety shrinkband on every bottle.
We embed unique identifiers in our labels to ensure they are genuine and cannot be faked.
We double box and bag each order to ensure it makes it to you safely.
We ship almost all orders the same day -usually within hours.

We fully stand behind our product and quality.

You'll find some competitors using plastic bottles, some with poor labeling easily replicated which could lead to fake products being sold by hundreds of unknown sellers, some with non-existent support and no one to contact, some with inferior products imported from countries with poor quality standards.

Buy From Us And Know We Do Everything Better Than The Rest.

What is turpentine?

Turpentine is the liquid that results from heating up and vaporizing the raw tree sap from living trees.

How is turpentine made?

Turpentine is made in a still similar to alcohol by heating up the raw tree sap from living trees until it vaporizes. This vapor rises and is collected in a worm that cools the vapor back into the liquid known as turpentine.

Is your turpentine pure?

Yes our turpentine is 100% pure and contains no other chemicals or additives. It is commonly known as 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine and is a higher quality than can what be found in most hardware stores.

What makes your turpentine different from what's at the hardware store?

Our turpentine is 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine. Most hardware stores have either a synthetic version of turpentine or turpentine that is a by-product from the paper or pulp industry. That's fine for some applications but many people are looking for 100% pure turpentine and that is exactly what we provide! For example, artists prefer natural pure turpentine over what's commonly found off the shelf as it is a better medium when used with natural pigments.

How is turpentine shipped?

We ship all order using the US Postal Service. Since turpentine can only travel by ground, this means is usually takes longer than you might expect to be delivered. There is a maximum of 16 ounces per shipment so if you order more than 16 ounces you will receive multiple shipments and multiple tracking numbers. Keep in mind multiple boxes may get delivered on different dates.

How long can I keep my turpentine?

Because turpentine is created from a heat distillation process it generally does not degrade over time. We also only ship in glass bottles to avoid any plastic that might leech into the turpentine and ruin its purity.

Pine Gum Rosin Products

What is pine gum rosin?

Pine rosin is actually the by-product of turpentine distillation. When liquid tree sap from living trees is heated up, what is left behind after the distillation process is the pine rosin. It is a solid chunk of sticky/tacky material that gets smashed up and sifted into rock rosin. This rock is further sifted and the smaller pieces are then ground in an industrial grinder to make the powder rosin.

What is pine gum rosin used for?

Pine gum rosin is normally used for it's tacky or sticky properties. For example, many customers use the pine rosin in products such as beeswax wraps, soaps, salves, etc. It does have many more uses but these are the most common for our customers.

What is the difference between rock rosin and powdered rosin?

Rock rosin is the larger chunks of rosin while the powdered rosin is the chunks ground up in an industrial grinder to turn it into a powder.

Should I use rock or powdered rosin?

It depends on your specific use and how long you will have the rosin before you can use it all up. If you buy rock rosin it is less expensive but you'll need to smash it up as you need it. You are not likely going to end up with a fine powder or get the powder as consistent as the powder is but for keeping it long term, this is likely preferred.

The powder is ready to use for most customers but it does have a tendency to stick back together over time (especially if not kept cool). If you buy the amount you need and plan on using it all up within a reasonable time, the powder will be much more consistent and will melt easier in your formulations.

Rock rosin: cheaper and better if storing long term but will need to smash up as needed.

Powdered rosin: best for a consistent powder and using it within a short time frame.

Castor Oil Products

What is castor oil?

Castor oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of the castor plant.

What can I use castor oil for?

You can do a quick web search for some of the benefits of castor oil. Our castor oil is intended only for topical applications such as on skin and hair.

Why is your castor oil better than most?

To lower their material cost, many sellers will dilute their castor oil with a carrier oil. They also ship their castor oil in plastic bottles. This significantly lowers their shipping costs. We buy 100% pure castor oil in bulk and it goes straight into the glass bottles that we provide to customers. 100% pure, non-diluted castor oil in glass bottles!

Amla Oil Products

What is amla oil?

Amla oil is derived from the fruit of the amla plant. The amla plant is commonly called "Indian gooseberry".

What can I use amla oil for?

You can do a quick web search for some of the benefits of amla oil. Amla oil is commonly used on the hair and is commonly used in hair care products.

Why is your amla oil better than most?

To lower their material cost, many sellers will dilute their amla oil with a carrier oil. They also ship their amla oil in plastic bottles. This significantly lowers their shipping costs. We buy 100% pure amla oil in bulk and it goes straight into the glass bottles that we provide to customers. 100% pure, non-diluted amla oil in glass bottles!


Do you ship outside the United States?

Unfortunately we are only shipping within the United States at this time but you may still be able to receive our products! You can try using a US freight forwarding company or try's international reshipping program. There are also some websites based in your country that list our products. You buy from them and then they buy our product and ship to their own US warehouse. From there it is usually loaded into a shipping container with thousands of other orders destined for your country. We have no affiliation with any of these websites and they usually have extended delivery times but it may be your only option.

How quickly do you ship orders?

If an orders comes in by 1pm PST it almost always is out the door by 5pm PST the same day! If you get an email with tracking information that means we've printed the label and it is in the queue for shipping and are working on it as quickly as possible. We even continue to pull orders throughout the remainder of the day so many times orders that come in after this time make it out the same day!

How long will it take to get my order?

Orders are usually shipped the same or following day. Turpentine is required to only travel by ground so it will take longer to receive than normal shipments but all other products are shipped using Priority or First Class service and usually are received very quickly! Delivery details and tracking will be provided by email so you can track your shipment.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We ship all orders through the US Postal Service. This means packages are left within your regular mail and not normally left at the front door.

Instead of shipping by USPS, can you use UPS or Fedex?

Unfortunately at this time we cannot. We ship everything using the US Postal Service.

Will I receive tracking information?

Yes absolutely! Keep in mind that we ship the same or following day so if you received tracking information it has shipped! Tracking updates can take several days or sometimes much longer for turpentine. The reason is because turpentine can only travel by ground so they load it into a container without first scanning. It's driven to it's destination and somewhere along the way it finally gets scanned. Again, if you received tracking it has left the building!

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes because all shipments are sent using the US Postal Service!

Where will my shipment be at when it is delivered?

Since we use the US Postal Service, boxes are normally left within your regular mail and very seldom left at the front door but if tracking shows it is delivered and it is not within your mail, please check both locations.

Why didn't I receive all of my order?

If you ordered more than 16 ounces of turpentine, we are required to ship in multiple boxes and these can be delivered on different days -sometimes several days apart. Please check your tracking numbers and if it still shows in transit please be patient while the Post Office works to deliver the remainder of your order. Feel free to reach out if you need any additional assistance.

What if my order is lost?

Most of the time the US Postal Service is taking longer than you might expect. Remember turpentine can only travel by ground and sometimes tracking is not updated which makes it appear lost. 99% of the time it is still on it's way regardless of what tracking might indicate. We ask customers to be patient while the item gets delivered but feel free to reach out and we can share our experience on how long shipments normally take. We can then evaluate how to go forward or if a replacement is necessary.

Tracking says it was delivered but I don't have it?

If you are in a house, keep in mind we use the US Postal Service and boxes are left in your regular mail and not normally at the front door. Be sure to check with others in the household to help locate the box. All shipments must be physically scanned in order to show delivered.

If you are in an apartment complex, we use the US Postal Service and boxes are not left at your door but should either be in your locked mailbox or (just as likely) left with the front office of your complex. Since boxes must be physically scanned in order to show delivered be sure to tell them you have confirmed delivery so they attempt to locate the box.

On extremely rare occasions the Postal Carrier will "pre-scan" all of their boxes for the day which makes them appear delivered but they don't actually get delivered until the next day or so. This is more common around holidays but we do see it happen. Please be patient for another day or so and the item should show up!

Do you ship to APO or military addresses?

All products can ship to APO and military addresses except turpentine. Turpentine is restricted from these addresses.

Do you ship to Hawaii?

Because we use the US Postal Service, Yes! Keep in mind if the item is turpentine it can only travel by ground. This means turpentine shipments to Hawaii will take 3-4.5 weeks to receive and tracking will not be updated once it leaves the mainland. Unfortunately dues to shipping restrictions there is no way to expedite the shipping.

Do you ship to Alaska?

We use the US Postal service so yes! Keep in mind if the order is for turpentine that it can only travel by ground so you will have an extended delivery time for Alaska.


Can I return my product?

We always aim to make sure our customers love our products! If you do wish to return an item just reach out and we'll take you through the process.

Turpentine has special shipping restrictions and requirements so unfortunately we cannot accept returns of turpentine but if there is an issue, please still reach out and we'll make it right!

How do I return a product?

You'll need to reach out before sending an item back so we can provide you an RMA number to go along with the return. This helps us identify the shipment once we receive it and more quickly process the return. Simply call us or email us by using the number or link at the bottom of every page.

Can I exchange an item?

Certainly but you'll need to contact us before you send the item back. We can then provide instructions on what to include in the shipment so we can more quickly handle the exchange once it is received.


I have a question. Can you help?

Certainly! Just contact us through our contact page or call the number below. We do our best to respond or call as quickly as possible!

I have a great idea or suggestion! Can I reach out?

Absolutely! We are always interested in new ideas, product suggestions, improvements or how we might better serve you and our other supporters! If you reach out with your name, email or phone number, the owner will personally reach out to you to discuss anything you wish!

I have a problem or I'm not happy. How can I reach you?

The owner needs to talk with you! We only improve when people take the time to let us know where we might have fallen short or how we might improve so please call us at the number below or if you email, be sure to leave your name and phone number so the owner can personally call you to discuss. We get a lot of positive feedback but honestly it is most important we talk with you so we can make things right and improve for both you and all future supporters!

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