Catnip Infused Felted Balls Cat Toy with Recharging Tin

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Your Cats will go crazy swatting these catnip-infused felt balls around (at least for a while until they get bored as they tend to do!) Just return to the jar for a day or so and they absorb more catnip then break them back out again!

Balls of Fire come with 6 felt balls that are pre-charged with NOT JUST CATNIP but our own blend of catnip, silvervine and valerian root to ensure your cat goes absolutely crazy!

When your feline baby loses interest simply place back into the recharging vessel and let it soak up the energy for use another day!

Read our reviews and you'll see every product we offer is the highest quality and this one is no exception. As the owner, I truly want to go above and beyond what anyone else is willing to do. From product quality to packaging -it all matters and it's what you deserve as a customer!

As the Daddy to 4 feline babies myself, I'll do anything to make them happy and I'm passing on my love for them to you with this product!


WE INCLUDE 6 BALLS -not 4! We all know their toys go missing so you've got extra versus the other sellers.

WE USE AIRTIGHT JARS -no leaky tins! The point is to keep the catnip fresh and the potency from leaking out. At extra expense, we know jars are the best option! No leaky tins!

WE BLEND CATNIP, SILVERVINE, AND VALERIAN ROOT -not just catnip! Any owner knows that not all cats respond to catnip so we hit it with the trifecta of stimulants!

WE OFFER FREE SHIPPING! I honestly hate seeing the price and then shipping getting tacked on after the fact. We foot the bill for shipping. The price you see is what you pay!

WE ACCEPT RETURNS unlike other sellers. Why? Because you've given us your money and expect a product you get value from. We will gladly accept the return, refund your money, and destroy the product as it will have pheromones from your baby. We use this as a way to learn and improve the product for future customers.

WE HAND FILL CATNIP INTO COLORED SACHETS - we do not use premade tea bags like other sellers. This means we know exactly what's going into it and the freshness of the catnip mix we use.

WE SHIP IN 1 DAY not up to a week. Every product we sell ships either the same day or the following. This is our standard and we do everything we can to meet that expectation we have for ourselves and for you!

WE OFFER COLOR SCHEMES not just generic colors. We hand pick the colors based on the color scheme you purchase. While there will be variations, every color will fit the scheme you chose!

WE SHIP WITH THE BALLS PRELOADED! Other sellers tell you to keep the balls in the container for several days after you receive them for maximum potency. We do this ourselves before it even ships! You expect the product to be fully usable when it shows up not days later. This is another example of the right thing to do!

I INCLUDE MY PERSONAL CELLPHONE WITH EVERY ORDER! Actually my number is shown here on Etsy as well but I include a flyer with my personal contact information. If you need anything, reach out and I'm here to serve you!

Balls of Fire is the best catnip infused felt balls you can buy with the best catnip in the best container with the best service and the best company (my company) backing it up AND our prices are right in line with everyone else's.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and I hope your babies enjoy them as much as mine!

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